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KHEDIVE PAVILION (Beykoz) Google Harita
Khedive Pavilion is an eye-catching structure with a deep-rooted history of more than a century, set like a diamond ring in a lush forest overlooking the blue waters of the Bosphorus located in the Çubuklu neighbourhood of Beykoz district. As one of the most important historical heritages of Istanbul, the Khedive Pavilion is a unique venue for outdoor events.
Invitation Layout
700 person
Theater Layout
1000 person
MINIATURK (Eyüpsultan) Google Harita
Miniatürk, which hosts a wide variety of activities such as wedding and engagement ceremonies, corporate events and entertainments with its magnificent location and capacity suitable for all audiences, also draws attention with its ease of transportation and parking.
U Table Layout
50 person
Invitation Layout
250 person
Theater Layout
350 person
GAZHANE (Kadıköy) Google Harita
Contrary to the typical municipal food and beverage areas, a work was carried out with the vision of the new management reflecting the comfort and aesthetics of the private sector in the spaces, and the design was completed by providing material integrity with minimal lines inside these respectable buildings.
U Table Layout
50 person
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