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Dear Istanbul residents,

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, together with all its subsidiaries and affiliates, works with a view to achieving “a fair, green and creative Istanbul”, and continue to produce projects that will add value to our city. With the awareness of our responsibility towards the people of Istanbul, while we are solving the current problems of Istanbul on the one hand, we are investing in the future of our city on the other.

Since the day we took office, we have been working for all 16 million Istanbulites, without discriminating against anyone and without prioritizing any neighborhood or district over another. We share all the processes of our projects with our fellow citizens, and we care about the ideas of Istanbulites, who are the real and ultimate owners of Istanbul. We use public resources feasibly and appropriately, and we offer equal service to all our citizens living in this city, not singling out certain groups.


We have carried out many important projects until the second half of 2022. We further accelerated our investments, and launched the 150 Projects in 150 Days marathon in the second half of the year. This historical project, which started with the Basilica Cistern that we restored and reopened on July 22nd, 2022, featured the completion of many other valuable projects such as the Bostancı-Dudullu Metro Line, Boğaziçi University/Hisarüstü-Aşiyan Funicular Line, Ahmet İsvan Public Bread Factory, Kartal Neyzen Tevfik Square, Moda Pier that we restored and put into service, renewed Beyazıt Square, Unkapanı Köprülü Junction, Arnavutköy Life Center, 1st and 2nd stages of Beylikdüzü Kavaklıdere Life Valley, as well as laying the foundations of many other projects.


We are producing permanent transportation solutions for Istanbul and bring our citizens together with fast, safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly transportation vehicles. Since the day we took office, we have put the Yıldız-Mahmutbey route of the Kabataş-Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey Metro Line, Cibali-Alibeyköy Tram Line, Boğaziçi/Hisarüstü-Aşiyan Funicular Line, Bostancı-Dudullu Metro Line, and the Bahariye and Masko stations of the Ataköy-İkitelli Metro Line into the service of Istanbul residents. We revived the maritime transportation, which is identified with Istanbul, with 9 new lines. We brought 160 new metrobuses to Istanbul with our own resources. We continue to subsidize public transportation to protect Istanbulites from the price hikes.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality continues to support those in need in this period when we are experiencing difficult economic times. For the first time in the history of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, our university students receive non-refundable scholarships, and mothers with children aged 0-4 benefit from public transportation free of charge. Children of families in need are provided with free milk. In our city, now there is a great solidarity network named ‘Askıda Fatura’ which features paying for others' outstanding invoices, where the benefactor does not meet the donator, thus do not feel embarrassed. Farmers, breeders and fishermen continue to produce more strongly these days, a period marked with price surge, with the support they receive.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality will continue to make Istanbulites smile.

By managing our budget efficiently, finding more resources and putting end to extravagancy, we brought new green areas, squares, living centers, libraries, student dormitories, kindergartens, neighborhood houses, technology workshops, tutoring workshops, sports facilities, city restaurants, and Regional Employment Offices to Istanbul.

In 2023, when we will enter the second century of our Republic, we will continue to work with the same enthusiasm as the first day, and by directing our resources to the right investments, we will continue to produce projects that will add value to Istanbul and the lives of our citizens. As equal and honorable citizens of the Republic of Turkey, we will beautify Istanbul and create happy tomorrows together. In our journey to serve Istanbul, we will again derive our greatest strength and motivation from the people of Istanbul.


I would like to express my gratitude to my esteemed colleagues who have made all these services possible by working for 16 million Istanbulites with a participatory, transparent, people-oriented approach that values common sense. I believe with all my heart that we will reach our goal of a fair, green and creative Istanbul and that we will succeed together.

Yours truly,
Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality
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